Grand Hall, Olympia Exhibition Centre, London
19 - 20 - 21 November
Ticket hotline: 087073 69 0 69
Erotica Art Gallery

Erotica stages the largest Erotic Art Gallery under one roof in Europe. Works include oils, watercolours, prints, photography and sclupture. Artists and live models can be seen at work during the show.

Erotic art should be approached like any other type of art. Some of it will appeal to you, some of it will leave you cold, just as it does in Tate Modern or on the walls of your local Pizza Express. The only person you need to please when you make that purchase is you (and perhaps your other half if they must look on your purchase daily). Would those of you brave souls who know your own minds and donšt care what your friends think, please make your way to the Erotica Art Gallery at the front of the Grand Hall in Olympia. Erotica is proud to be the biggest venue in Europe for erotic art with over 20 artists, sculptors and photographers on show this year. It is also one of the few places that you can see erotic art in the flesh, so to speak. Come along and see what you'd like for your home!

The Stage Show
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