The Guild of Erotic Artists
Fine Art, Photography, Sculpture and Mixed Media.

In three short years, the membership of The Guild of Erotic Artists has swelled from a fertile few to over eighty strong, with a permanent gallery space at Beaumont Hall Studios, St Albans.

The Guild's first publication, a 160 page softback first edition, showcases the talents of 25 of its members ­ a visually exciting mix of established artists and emerging talents from the fields of fine art, photography, sculpture and digital art. A fascinating glimpse at the lives of artists ­ their stories are as varied as their art is sensual. This is art, not pornography. Serve warm, with fine wine, to those who'd like to explore their artistic sides.

Brand New book - published January 2005

The Guild of Erotic Artists - 1st Edition.

Featuring 26 Artists and examples of their work,
as well as a brief biography by each Artist.

Signed by 1 of the Artists - (Ray Leaning) LIMITED NUMBER AVAILABLE!!

Featured Artists are:
Lara Adams, Angelica, Paul John Ballard, Paul Churchman, Ken Clarke,
Mike Crawley, Dave Ayerst Davies, Saskia Deneuve, Douglas E, Nancy Farmer,
Gothic Image, Petra Joy, John Keedwell, Ray Leaning, Lindsay McDermid,
Julian Murphy, Richard Murrin, Pete Rigsby, Stephen Rodgers,
James Alfred Scotchford, Matthew Slade, Andrew Smith, Roy Smyth,
Alex Treacher, Richard Turneramon

Beautiful, sensual, evocative art for grown ups. For fans of pin-up, fetish, goth, fantasy, sexuality, sensuality and beauty. A fabulous collection of over 250 drawings, paintings, prints, sculpture, body casting and glamour photography.

£22.95 GBP
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