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Published November 17th 2004!
MUSE - The Art of Ray Leaning

published by The Erotic Print Society, London.
128 pages ISBN: 1-898998-96-5

Ray Leaning has turned a lifelong obsession into pin-up art for a new generation. Beautifully realised, his women tease and seduce us with their gentleness and strength, longing and knowing, submissiveness and dominance.

With over 180 drawings and paintings, 'MUSE' allows us to glimpse the early inspirations and emerging talent of this outstanding artist, then brings us up to date with a comprehensive collection of his much admired work.

This first monograph contains previously unpublished work and photographs of early stages of his paintings. Accomplished pencil work softly captures the smoothness of skin, lustre of hair and contrasting fabric textures. In oils Ray Leaning's boldness of colour produces more stylised, graphic images. But all in his own way, show his adoration of woman.

A few copies are available direct from the artist. (email first to check availability)
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1315 May 2005 (12.00pm 8.30pm) Gallery Show and book signing:
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We have many of the drawings of Ray Leaning as Open Edition Prints
(NOT the Limited Editions, these will remain as that, so when the last is sold, that's it, no more)


New Artwork: The Tottie Team Polo Collection

New Artwork: Racing Fillies Collection (Folio One)

New Artwork: Racing Fillies Collection (Folio Two)



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